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Luxury Travelling: Where to Park Your Airplane During a Trip?

Comments Off on Luxury Travelling: Where to Park Your Airplane During a Trip? 02 September 2018

Traveling is one of the hobbies of many. There are some who prefer to travel by car as they enjoy road trips and stopping by random places. There are also some who enjoy the calmness of the water and prefer to travel by sea. A lot of vacationers often go on cruises to visit different places all over the world. And yet many prefer to travel by plane since it is one of the most convenient means to go. It is fast, comfortable and less stressful.

When it comes to traveling with style, traveling on your private plane gives a new definition of luxury. Whether you pilot the aircraft yourself, or you have a pilot, it is a unique and extravagant way to travel. It allows you to go wherever you want. The only thing you have to worry about is where to park your plane. You have many options to choose from depending on which you are most comfortable.


For most airports, there are spaces set for private planes. You can always book your aircraft’s stay there ahead of time. However, the cost might be unreasonable, or it could be full. You need to check on it ahead of time since you might end up flying back if there is no parking space available at the airport. Furthermore, there are also many smaller airports who don’t have parking spaces for rent for private planes.

Private Hangar

Most of the time, you might prefer going to private airports. It is an excellent choice since there will be no airport traffic. It is also more manageable to land and park. Private airports usually have their hangars, and all you have to do is to park your plane. You can come and go anytime you want, and when it comes to security, there is no problem. Their facility might be a lot smaller than a regular airport, but this makes it easier to monitor and to secure.

Airplane Warehouses

One place which is becoming increasingly popular these days is the use of airplane warehouses. They are temporary structures used for different purposes. One of the good things about temporary warehouses is you can have it customized the way you want it. You can secure it any way you want, and the size could be just enough for your aircraft.

Furthermore, you can have it set up anywhere. It means you can park your plane anywhere you want as long as it is permitted. And you are also sure that it is well protected not just from theft but from the weather as well. Housing it in an enclosed facility is better especially if you are planning to park it there for longer than a few days.

Vacant Lot

Another option you can have is to park it in your property or any private property you are allowed. It is a perfect option especially if your vacation place has a vacant lot or an enclosed area which may act as a runway. The good thing about this setup is you can park it where you will stay, so there is no hassle at all in additional travel time or finding a rental car or taxi. You are also close to it so you can personally monitor the airplane.

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