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Labuan Bajo Accommodation with Affordable Budget

Comments Off on Labuan Bajo Accommodation with Affordable Budget 16 July 2017


If you are going to spend your next holiday in Labuan Bajo, you will surely need to think about the Labuan Bajo accommodation. That is because the accommodation is one important thing that you need to consider. Or else, you will not have a place to spend the nights that you will have in Labuan Bajo. For those who are still looking for the best accommodation that you can get in Labuan Bajo, some of these affordable accommodations might be worth to try since you will not need to spend more than 40 dollars a night for a room on these hotels below.

  • The first one is Chez Felix Hotel. This hotel can be considered as one of the cheapest accommodations that you can find in Labuan Bajo. The starting room rate of this hotel is ranged from 25 to 35 dollars a night based on the time. On the holiday season, you might need to spend about 30 dollars a night, but on the standard days, you might only need to spend about 20 dollars a night on this hotel. Even though this hotel is considerably simple, you can make sure that you can get the nice services that you need starting from the laundry, the car rental, the restaurant, and even the free pickup from the airport.
  • The second one is Pagi Hotel Labuan Bajo. This one is better than the first one since the overall concept of this hotel is more modern. You can say that this hotel is like the two stars hotels that you can find in many countries. This hotel is considered as one affordable Labuan Bajo accommodation because you will only need to spend about 30 to 40 dollars a night on this hotel. The main thing that you need to highlight from this hotel is the location that is near to the main district in Labuan Bajo. You can easily reach the main district within five minutes of driving. Therefore, do not be shocked if the hotel is full of business travelers.
  • The last one is Matahari Hotel Labuan Bajo. In term of facilities, this hotel might be one of the worst of all hotels mentioned before, since you will only get a fan from the standard room. However, the view from this affordable hotel is something that you will love. You will get the direct view to the ocean. With the starting room rate of 25 dollars, this hotel is surely worth to try. If you want to get the AC for your room, then you will need to pick the deluxe room that will cost you about 50 dollars a night. The choice is all yours.

Those are some affordable hotels that you can find in Labuan Bajo. For your consideration, there are still some affordable hotels in Labuan Bajo that you can try if you want to spend your holiday here. Therefore, you should not need to worry that much about the budget that you have for the accommodations.

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