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How to Find the Best Deals for Entertainment

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Humans as a whole love to be entertained. We could spend hours watching TV, dumb YouTube videos, or even sit unmoving on a sofa or uncomfortable chair just to watch a movie. Although what we hope to be entertaining sometimes doesn’t meet our expectations we still return to entertainment as a way to pass time and give us that “good” feeling we all crave. Entertainment can be an expensive hobby though so it’s best to know the top tips for getting savings on entertainment. Check out these tips to save some dough!

Birthday Promos or Group Rates

Some movie theaters offer discounts on tickets if it’s your birthday! Call ahead and see if there are any promos available for your special day. If they don’t want to offer you a free movie for your birthday they may offer a group discount if you can get a whole group to come with you and celebrate your special day. Most other entertainment venues besides theaters will also offer a group discount. This is a great way to make sure that you have an awesome time on your birthday and you’re not depending on your friends to be the entertainment!

Non Peak Days

Sometimes it may be worth it to take a day off of work and go see a show during the week. Most entertainment venues have specials that are offered on weekdays and other non-peak times as a way of getting guests to come. Another perk to going out on these days is that the crowds are usually small and less rowdy ensuring that you’ll have more time for enjoyment and spend less time in lines and crowds.

Promos and Coupons

Make sure to keep your eye on this page for awesome deals from TicketMaster, the largest source for entertainment tickets on the web. You’ll find great promos and coupon codes to maximize your savings. These savings include percentage off deals and even some 2 for 1 deals because we all know that shows and movies are no fun by yourself!

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