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6 Mistakes to Avoid when Planning a Special Event

Comments Off on 6 Mistakes to Avoid when Planning a Special Event 12 December 2018

Planning an important event is one stressful task. Be it a corporate meeting, birthday, anniversary, wedding or any other special occasion, everything needs to be perfect down to the tiniest details. The pressure that comes with ensuring that no mistakes are made makes it even more difficult not to stress over the littlest of things.

If you’re planning a special event soon, make sure not to make the following common mistakes to make your day as flawless and as memorable as possible.

Racing Against Time

Time is always essential when planning an event. Most people are guilty of racing against time when finishing most tasks at hand, but luckily, for a chosen few, they can produce good results. However, if you want the best results, you should allow enough time to set everything up.

Not Setting up a Budget or Going Over Budget

Budgeting is a critical aspect of planning. It may be easy to set one up, but sticking to one a lot harder than it looks. Determine your event needs, check how much money you have for it then allocate funds accordingly.


Every argument and misunderstanding starts with miscommunication. If you fail to communicate often and effectively with your team, attendees, and other people connected to the event, then you can expect to get poor or catastrophic results, even. Make sure to communicate well, often and effectively.

Not Thinking About the Five Senses

Guests, attendees, and just about everyone needs to enjoy the occasion. By neglecting the sense of touch, sight, smell, taste, and hearing, it won’t be as successful as you might want it to be. This includes making sure the food looks, tastes and smells good, the venue is visually appealing, the air smells fresh, and the crews are friendly and accommodating.

Failure to Sort Out Guests’ Transportation

Your attendees may not be familiar with the location of the event, which makes sorting out their transportation necessary. Failing to take care of this matter can lead to some guests arriving late, or worse, failure to attend. Make sure to sort their transportation and coordinate to make sure they come safely and on time.

There are also events wherein special guests or the celebrants deserve a grand entrance. And what better way to arrive on a special day and make great first impressions than on a gorgeous limo? One can always book an affordable Houston limo to give VIPs that grand they deserve.

Failure to Hire Professional Photographers and Videographers

A special occasion is an excellent time to make beautiful memories. However, if you prefer to DIY and shoot photos and videos yourself, or even ask a friend to do it for you, you can end up with terrible pictures and videos. Hiring experts would be the best way to capture precious moments and get the feel and energy of everyone on images and videos you can show off after.

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These are but a short list of the common mistakes people make when planning an event. Make sure not to make the same slip-ups and consider the tips mentioned above whenever a special occasion comes up.

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